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I'm not much for introductions at all, but I believe that one is in order, so I'll make it brief...

My name is David and I write and I read and I like Shakespeare and I eat and I sleep and I roleplay and I swim and I sit on the internet.

Enough really, don't you think? :D

...But really, this is just my place to post my stories and other assorted works (including my opinions on pretty much everything under the sun), objects of my own personal fancy which I hope will lead you, upon reading their first sentences, away to a world that may be more delightful, more fearsome, more abstract, more realistic, more beautiful, more ugly...or even all of the above and everything in between...than the one you inhabit. Don't be afraid to just let the world slip away. It's an exciting realm out there.

Marry, I will, let them play it. Is not a comonty a Christmas
gambold, or a tumbling-trick?

No my good lord, it is more pleasing stuff.

What, household stuff?

It is a kind of history.

Well, well see't. Come, madam wife, sit by my side, and let the
world slip, we shall ne'er be younger.

-The Taming of the Shrew Induction, scene II, 137-144

Note:  Three cheers for one pass revision! You have to admit typos and awkward sentences can be humorous.

New Blog


A RP friend and I have concocted a new blog, a sort of forum for us to post our reactions to every chapter of every book from the Twilight Saga from my perspective (that of a guy...) and her's (that of a girl...). Come over and check it out, we'll have those posts up shortly...

But until then enjoy our first discussion thread about the movie and dispelling stereotypes. Lots of fun.



In case you didn't know how to play the classic game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, here's a site that will tell you how to do it.

The Official 'RPS' League. -Yeah, there's one.- They hold that Rock, Paper, Scissors isn't actually the game of chance that we all consider it to be and is all based off of psychology. Skim through the pages, it explains it all in detail. Vivid detail.

In order to ensure fair play, players must strive to make their hand signals as representative and as uniform as possible. The following techniques for representing the throws have been developed and approved by the World RPS Society for all levels of recreational and professional play. Collectively they are known as the Internationally Recognized Throwing System (IRTS) and as long as they are utilized they will ensure unambiguous deliver every time.

Rock - Proper Hand Position

I just think that this is hilarious. They have huge tournaments and everything. Thousands of dollars on the line out there.

But my question is...is it even a sport? 

What do all of you think?


Just put it off

Wow, three posts in under an hour. Greatness. :D

...but I felt like I would briefly like to discuss something I call "Progressive Procrastination©". (Catchy, right?)

It's something I've grown quite accustomed to using. It is, for a short definition, the act of procrastinating with a goal in mind; to work at a casual pace with a desirable end result.

In this process the sayings "It's ok to put off until tomorrow." or "I've got enough done for the day, I can sit and listen to music for the rest of the hour." are very common. Progressive Procrastination allows you to work without overburdening yourself, to perhaps even enjoy what you're doing. It's like a magical, unbeatable solution to everything (or something like that, it can be used in a lot of situations).

I urge you to try it. 

Never let someone tell you (or God-forbid tell yourself) that you are lazy again. Retort with, "I'm Not lazy, I'm procrastinating progressively".

Shhhhhh! I'm hunting Nazis.


I have one thing to say really... Hell yes.

There is nothing more awesome than putting bounties on the heads of Nazis. :D 

I like this, we should do more stuff like this instead of worrying whether the syringes we use to execute people are sterile.

...I wonder if they plan on executing the 93 year old man if they find him...That's pretty hoss if so.

Oh to live forever...

Immortality, it's a subject that I've been rather obsessed with pondering over for the past few weeks. I've written quite a few short stories and other things that involve it, none that I want to post here because of their relatively rough shape right now, but I'm going to sit here and muse regardlessly.

It's all over our literature and oral tradition, right back to the cave drawings of ancient nomads. All have been obsessed with living forever...or at least producing something that lives on forever.

 But earthlier happy is the rose distill'd,
Than that which withering on the virgin thorn
Grows, lives and dies in single blessedness.
-Theseus, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Whether it be to produce children, as displayed in the quote above, or to write or paint or to simply do something that will make someone; it doesn't matter who; think about you after your death, so that, in them, you live on. It's been an obsession. Immortality, Eternal Life, it's offered in all religion, it's something that everyone from king to vagabond has searched and killed and plundered and died for.

The Continental U.S. was first explored by Europeans looking not to expand, to fulfil Manifest Destiny...but to live forever, to find an elusive fountain that will make a man young again, to take on "all manly exercises… take a new wife and beget more children" (Herrera). Ponce de Leon himself died in battle looking for it, a stones throw from the place he was considering to be the spring of the all healing water.

Humans have always, and will always, search for it until they kill themselves in the process. It scares the living hell out of each and every one of us; the fact that we will all grow old, that we will all eventually die. It is the end to every story, inevitable death, ceasing to exist. Everyone must accept this, writers moreover, for they all have to come to terms with, invariably, that no matter what they are writing, if it goes on long enough, will end in death, just like their own novel, their own autobiography. It ends in death.

And everyone of us dreams of avoiding that. It is the driving point beyond so many books, so many paintings. It is the focus, it seems, of our existence, this unquentiable thirst, it is like the bloodlust of a vampire, a myth itself derived from this exact craving. No matter how many times they wind up in our nightmares, we keep going back to their stories because they offer that thing, that thing that all of us die seeking.


We do not believe in immortality because we can prove it, but we try to prove it because we cannot help believing it.
-Harriet Martineau